Sophie, 19.



I got three rolls of film developed yesterday and the amount of drafts I have saved right now is ridiculous. I have some art to scan in as well… and 5 really long text posts I’ve been meaning to finish for ages… sigh. Hopefully I’ll post something today… sorry my blog is boring.

22.04.2014. We made another fire last night, this time in a forest. We went out there to try and see the meteors. I think I saw a couple; they looked just like shooting stars. We spent most of the night standing close by the fire, trying to keep warm, the light of the flames dancing over us, illuminating the trees. Then we walked a while and lay in the clearing, looking up at the stars. One was pulsing the whole time, Sirius, another was orange, Mars. I couldn’t believe how many there were. I couldn’t believe that they were real. The night sky amazes me. It was so beautiful: all of us breathing silently, sprawled out over the clearing, looking up with wide eyes; the night weaving its magic between us. I could have stayed there forever. I slept all of the way home; it was warm and comfortable in the car, tired bodies slowly fading, quietly seeking rest. I felt so content there. (But I was happy to get home and sleep).

22 April, 2014.

Driving to the forest.

I had the longest nicest day. I am so exhausted. I have lovely friends and I don’t deserve any of them. Sigh.